Peter & Cornelius Klassen

    Peter and Cornelius have a combined experience of almost 30 years greenhouse growing. They both got their start working in the greenhouse of Albert Cramer, one of the RedHat’s long time members. In 2013 they started their greenhouse together and after 6 years of growing, it is now undergoing an expansion. By 2020 they’ll be growing over 9 acres of delicious Long English Cucumbers.

    They say they wouldn’t be where they are today without RedHat. They love that their focus is on planting, growing and picking cucumbers, and not worrying about getting them to the customer.

    It’s all about the family-oriented farming lifestyle for these brothers. When they’re not in the greenhouse you can find them elsewhere on the farm, tending to their field crops or cattle. They enjoy being able to teach their kids all about growing food and hope to be able to pass down the business to them one day.

    So, what do Peter and Cornelius have planned for the future? “Just keep growing!”.