A homegrown story

Over 50 Years
of Fresh Produce

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Growing our way.

We pay attention to consumer needs, form strong strategic partnerships, and make safety and sustainability an absolute priority in every part of our operations.

Starting out with just ten growers in 1966, we’ve used sunshine, good ethics, technology, and passion, to grow and nurture our business into what it is today. Over a half-century later, we continue to live up to the same promise we made when we got started. Now, with over thirty experienced growers, some fourth generation, we have strong roots and incredible ties to our industry and the communities we are a part of. In addition to growing our team, we’ve grown our resources too. We use over 150 acres of greenhouses, have a renovated 98,000 square foot facility including a 40,000 square foot cooler and are capable of delivering fresh product to retailers in Western Canada daily.


To be the best local distributor of fresh produce.


RedHat is the premier supplier of fresh, high quality produce to Western Canada, focusing on locally grown products, that contributes to our communities’ healthy living and provides outstanding value to our customers and Co-op members.

Down to Earth Values

An integral part of our success is knowing who we are, what we want to achieve and how we’re going to make it happen. Our value and mission is something that continues to keep us on track.

We're Green!

As a responsible company committed to employing more sustainable practices, we’re constantly looking for ways to reduce our footprint. From using a better irrigation system and recycling water to better pest management, energy conservation and sourcing eco-friendly packaging, everything we do is in consideration of our families and our planet.

Delivering the Goods

We have the infrastructure, tools, and partnerships that allow us to get fresh produce to retailers and customers, day after day. We work out of one of the most convenient locations in Western Canada – a location that allows us to not only provide service to everyone in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba but also provide the very best service.

Fresh and Safe

We are fully certified under the Canadian Horticultural On-Farm Food Safety Certification Program and are committed to the Produce Traceability Initiative. We also perform annual audits on all greenhouse operations as well as our grading and packing facilities. We are accountable to each and every retailer who orders from us, as well as all the families who buy from them.