Doyle Brandt

    Doyle grew up on a farm and was always fascinated by greenhouse operations. He has expanded his greenhouse four times, and now oversees five acres of colorful vegetables harvested year round. Doyle says he loves being his own boss and working with his son, who has been contributing to the greenhouse since high school.

    He’s excited by the changes in the industry, including the increased focus on food safety and the use of new bio-friendly plant extracts to combat pests. “You can’t control the weather,” he says, “but greenhouses come close. And, as self-contained units, greenhouses use water very efficiently through recycling.”

    Doyle grows Long English Cucumbers and several varieties of tomatoes and markets his produce through the RedHat Co-operative. Doyle appreciates being a member of the co-operative as it allows him to focus on growing, with the peace of mind that his produce is being brought to the customer at its freshest.