Albert Cramer

    As an experienced and successful grower, Albert Cramer finds it exciting to be part of an industry that supplies a healthy product for people all over the country. Beginning as a dairy farmer in Ontario, Cramer liked the idea of “growing things” but was interested in growing something less demanding. He started his first greenhouse in Redcliff in 1985, and then seven years later moved to Medicine Hat where he could expand his operation and his business.

    Cramer and his greenhouse team grow Long English Cucumbers and Bell Peppers. Committed to growing a cleaner, safer product, Cramer continues to look for ways to satisfy consumer demand in the best possible way. For Cramer it’s about keeping up with technology, trying new things, even if you fail a few times along the way. In fact, three years ago, he built a new greenhouse with lights so that he could supply product through the winter and keep grocers happy with their service.

    As part of the RedHat Co-operative, Cramer realizes that growers like him wouldn’t be where they are today without the support and resources that the co- operative offers. Cramer enjoys the fact that the co-operative takes care of their marketing needs and safety issues. With this kind of support, Cramer can do what he does best – grow.