Branden Hazelaar & Robyn Gendre

    Branden grew up living the greenhouse lifestyle. First, in his grandparent’s greenhouse as a child, then learning from his parents who were in the industry for over 20 years. When his parents were ready to retire in 2015 Branden and Robyn purchased the greenhouse from them, where they now grow several varieties of tomatoes including Roma, Tomatoes on the Vine, Grapes and Cherries.

    Branden and Robyn enjoy watching their crops from planting to picking and everything in between. In their own words “It’s a rewarding job, and we take pride in seeing our produce in stores. We also enjoy being our own bosses, it can be challenging hard work, but we enjoy what we do. We employ great staff that work very hard for us and we appreciate the people we are surrounded by.”

    For Branden and Robyn, being members of the RedHat Co-op means they are a part of a team. They are not in competition with other growers, but instead part of a group with a common interest that all look out for each other. They look forward to being able to continue to grow for many years to come!